“One of the all-time best I have heard.”
-Dr. John Feagin, Founder, Feagin Leadership Program, Duke University


“Standing ovations are rare these days, but Bob Vanourek earned a very enthusiastic one with his brilliant program. Not only was the content simply amazing, but Bob spoke with rare insight and passion. He kept the audience spellbound as they absorbed each pearl of wisdom from a grand master that had earned their respect. You’ll want Bob at your next event if you are seriously interested in pursuing a path to leadership excellence.”
-Bob Whipple, CEO Leadergrow, The Trust Ambassador


“A home run.”
-General Jack Chain, Former Commander-in Chief, Strategic Air Command


“Bring him back!”
“Amazing, I absolutely loooooved it!”
“Simply outstanding!”
-Comments from finance and accounting professionals at their Rocky Mountain Area


“Many of my officers and NCOs said this was one of the best leadership presentations they can remember.”
-Major General Myles Deering, Adjutant General, Oklahoma National Guard, Presentation to 800 OK National Guard personnel


“Thank you again for your inspiration and wisdom this morning. This was a truly memorable event! Rarely have I attended a seminar where I learned so much useful information in so little time.”
-Newt Green, consultant, former college professor, and speaker


“Bob was our afternoon keynote speaker …and is truly the best and highest ranked speaker we’ve had. His topic will be a great appeal to the HR community, as well. If you are looking for speakers, Bob is a home run!”
-Rob Spangler, Former Executive Director, Colorado Human Resources Association


“Thank you for participating in our National Sales Conference last week. My personal opinion is that your presentation was the highlight of the whole conference. I loved your message and your engaging presentation style. I’m a student of leadership myself, so I may be a little biased in my preferences – great stuff!”
-Jeffrey W. Arnold, MAM, CAE, Executive Director, The Sales Association


“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this morning. You made a significant impression on many in the room. Your concepts, methods, models, tools, and tips really came across as helpful and useful. I commend your work and writings as prominent in the next wave of leadership consultants.”
-Dan Hedberg, Monad Associates


“Directors attending the Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors October 2014 panel presentation overwhelmingly responded positively to Bob’s forthright and credible presentation on leading as a Director.”
-Bill Heck, President, Colorado Chapter, National Association of Corporate Directors


“Bob’s presentation was engaging, informative, and most helpful. Our chapter does not do evaluations, but from my twenty plus years of experience in YPO/WPO, Bob would have received in the high nines. I believe the rarest and most precious commodity in the world, and the one, which most impacts people’s lives, is the excellent, ethical, and enduring leadership that Bob very clearly describes in his presentation and book. Consequently, the leaders of my companies and my children will all be receiving copies of Triple Crown Leadership.
Bob is authentic, experienced, knowledgeable, and credible. As a lifelong student and practitioner of leadership, I wasn’t sure I would learn much from Bob or his book. Yet, this was not the case. Bob’s presentation and book are based on solid research, and filled with memorable stories, helpful information, and rich metaphors.
If you are looking for a program that would interest YPO’ers and/or WPO’ers, spouses, and affiliates, and a program with critical and substantial take home value, I would highly recommend Bob Vanourek.”
-Mark Bitz, Multi-company President, CEO Member, Empire and Southwest Florida YPO/WPO Member