Bob Vanourek Speaking Topics

Horse-racing-image-150x150Building Your High-Performance Team: Practical, proven ways to go from “passable” to “exceptional” in both your immediate and long-term performance. This presentation combines Bob’s hands-on experience with the research from his books for a winning run of insights and practices for leaders at all levels.

Books-old_iStock-150x150Leadership Wisdom. Using passages from his newest book, Leadership Wisdom: Lessons from Poetry, Prose, and Curious Verse (forthcoming, 2016), this inspirational and interactive session will help you and your colleagues take their leadership to new levels. Quoting master authors and leaders covering over 2500 years, this session plumbs the wisdom of the ages on three essential topics: how to lead yourself well, how to lead others effectively, and how to leave a lasting leadership legacy. Available as a one-hour session or a four-hour workshop.

Jam-Session-150x150A Leadership Jam. Leading the way to sustained high performance for teams requires the same skills as musicians in a jam session. With lively music playing through a variety of entertaining learning activities, this is a fun, interactive session that engages participants and demonstrates in dynamic ways how to build and be a part of a high-performance organization.

Geese-iStock-small-150x150The Power Of Alignment: Ten Steps for Sustained High Performance. Too often, people work at cross purposes in silos. Goals are in conflict, people disengage, performance suffers. Most executives and managers wish their teams were better aligned. But how? This hands-on, inspirational workshop reveals ten proven steps for alignment – developed over decades of experience – you can begin to implement immediately.

Pawns-iStock1-150x121Unleash Your Latent Leaders: The Power of Servant Leadership. Leaders rule. Followers serve. Right? Wrong. Great leadership serves people and unleashes other leaders. How does servant leadership help you build a Triple Crown organization? This highly inspiring session demystifies the power of leading through serving.

Hand-Drowning-iStock-small-150x150Leadership in Crises and Challenging Times How can you thrive, not just survive, in challenging times? What kind of leadership does it take to weather crises and turnarounds? Bob’s hands-on turnaround presentation—based on his proven experience in the trenches—will help you succeed in the most challenging leadership crucibles. Compelling, actionable steps, customized to your challenges.