“Unleash Your Latent Leader” with Bob Vanourek

35-minute video with me being interviewed on AbhaTV. Abha is India’s 1st internationally acclaimed Woman Motivational Speaker, as well as a best-selling author, entrepreneur, lawyer, actor, and poet. Her website is: http://www.abhamb.com We resonate off each other in this fast-paced and inspirational video session.

Leadership Lessons Manifesto — Released by 800CEOReads.com

Interview on Natural Born Coaches

Great insights for coaches. Coaching is all about leading in a different fashion. Listen to my 25 min podcast with Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches.


Radio Interview with Bob Vanourek on Midday Mile

Click Here to Download Bob Vanourek’s Poetry Book Powerpoint


Leadership Wisdom Podcast

Recently, I did a 36 minute podcast talking about leadership insights I have gleaned from my life and reading some excerpts from my latest book, Leadership Wisdom: Lessons from Poetry, Prose, and Curious Verse. It was a blast, and the host and I had a lot of fun. His primary audience is coaches and therapists who help people, but the discussion we had was universal. Here’s the link: