Bob Vanourek, Leadership Speaker

“Inspiring and full of practical advice.”
“Really beneficial material – how to actually do it; not just what it means.”
“Great presentation & ideas.”
“Great demeanor!”
“Great presence!”

Dana J. Collier Smith, Assistant Executive Director, and other participants at the
Colorado Bar Association

Hire Bob as an inspirational guest speaker for your next conference, leadership meeting, or workshop!

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Are you:

  • Tired of the failed leadership models of the past?
  • Hungry for a better brand of leadership?

Do you:

  • Want to build a high-performance organization?
  • Want to unleash more of your colleagues’ latent leadership capabilities?
  • Want to build an excellent, ethical, and enduring organization?

Does your organization have:

  • Overworked and underperforming managers?
  • Disengaged employees?
  • Employees working at cross purposes?
  • Excessive employee turnover?

Bob can help you address these issues because he has “been there and done that” as a CEO. Bob is available as a motivational guest speaker and leadership workshop facilitator:

  • Bob has given over 1,000 presentations over the years as a CEO (of five different companies), a keynote speaker, guest speaker, and leadership workshop facilitator for top corporations, associations, and non-profits around the world.
  • Bob will customize his presentation to your particular leadership challenges using pre-program research with you.
  • Bob will visit with your audience before and after the session to maximize the take-home value.
  • Bob will conduct an entertaining session with great audience involvement for experiential learning.
  • Bob will convey new, proven, effective, cutting-edge leadership practices to your audience.

You will learn how to:

  • Tap the leadership wisdom of the sages of history
  • Hire and promote for sustained high performance
  • Engage the hearts and minds of your employees
  • Flex your leadership style for maximum effectiveness
  • Build a high performance culture of character
  • Align your organization for sustained high performance
  • And more

Speaking Samples and Interviews


Watch this short version video (1 minute) of Bob Vanourek speaking to the Turnaround Management Association at their Leadership Senate in Chicago, May 2013 or click here to view the long version (7 minutes).

Watch this video of Bob Vanourek speaking at the Oklahoma National Guard Leadership Conference, April 12, 2013 (9 minutes).

View a video of Bob Vanourek speaking on “Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations” to the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the University of Denver, May 2012.

Watch this video: “Short-Termism and Ethical Behavior,” Bob Vanourek discussion with Dr. Dan Sweeney of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the University of Denver and Ernie Sampias, October 20, 2012


“Succeeding Ethically–Building a ‘Culture of Character’ at Your Firm,” Bob Vanourek interview podcast with American Law Institute, Episode 6, December 17, 2012 Listen to this “Business Fuel” Podcast with Bob Vanourek (August 27, 2012) on Triple Crown Leadership on


Check out this archived webinar presented by Bob and Gregg Vanourek on behalf of ASTD: “Alignment : A Powerful Process for Peak Performance “, originally broadcast on September 3, 2013.