Leadership Wisdom: Lessons from Poetry, Prose, and Curious Verse:


Discover the timeless, inspiring wisdom of leadership from the sage masters of literature and other outstanding leaders written over the centuries right up to the present day.
Bob has selected over 70 poems, prose or speech passages, and curious verse, each with an insightful leadership message. He combines these pearls with bite-sized chunks of engaging commentary from his own vast leadership experience.
Then he closes each entry with practical applications that each reader can use immediately.
You’ll hear from an amazing array of poets, presidents, prime ministers, political leaders, social activists, soldiers, educators, journalists, business leaders, the Bible, religious leaders from many faiths, Native Americans, a lyricist, and relatively unknown authors.
This treasure of wisdom will activate your creative right-brain and then challenge your logical left-brain

Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations


Draws upon their interviews with leaders in 61 organizations in 11 countries, including Google, Zappos, Mayo Clinic, eBay, KIPP, Ashoka, and more. This book describes the overarching goal that any organization must commit to in order to be truly successful. Then it describes the five essential practices these organizations must utilize to achieve their overarching goal with practical applications for each practice.



Endorsed by Stephen R. Covey, Stephen M. R. Covey, Bill George, Dan Pink, Barry Posner, and many other leadership experts:
“The best leadership book since Jim Collins’ Good to Great”The “Trust Ambassador,” Bob Whipple

“Remarkable insights… exceptional, practical, actionable… a great engaging read” Stephen M. R. Covey, best-selling author

“The new leadership manifesto … a gift to all of us” Richard Leider, best-selling author

“An inspiring call to action…and a call to action” Marty Linsky, Harvard Kennedy School

“a winner… a book of wisdom and practical advice” Barry Posner, leadership author